Sunday, 9 May 2010

a women's work is never done.

I have had a very productive weekend, yes it is the weekend and I am working. I am away the back end of the week on a course and it seems the only way to keep up with things!
I have been busy working on the construction side of a job this week so it has been nice to start working on the designs. Kicking off with the kitchen, there are lots of appliances to fit in and a wall is coming down so I want to make the most of the new space. The whole house is being rewired so there is a great opportunity to design in some great lighting features.
Most clients never think to come to an interior designer to design a kitchen. But where I have pitched for Kitchen design jobs I do tend to get them. I find that when clients go to a kitchen shop the design they get is about selling them as many units as possible, very few come and look at the space and even fewer look at offering nothing more exciting than a few under mounted halogen lights.
I love designing kitchens they are a real challenge, its getting the design to work ergonomically, aesthetically, technically, and creating a design which fits the clients and the houses personality. I am still a huge fan of hand painted kitchens (so practical, just paint them another colour when you get bored of them). I also love really out of the box designs (like the architect designed wooden kitchen above) and the simplicity of cream units.
I find designing in layers works for me. I develop a a floor plan (identify location of services and options for appliance locations and lighting), I put together a mood board then once this gets approved, then I source appropriate doors, then present the final design.
Anyway enough must finish the job in hand! I have a nice evening to look forward to cooking up a storm for my kids and having a very enjoyable evening around the kitchen table with them and a glass of chilled white wine!

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