Thursday, 27 May 2010

sex and the city mania

Sex and the city 2 mania has reached fever pitch. All the buzz on facebook is about what everyone is going to where to the premiere. Where the Aidan and Carrie plot will go?
(I have palpitations just a the thought of seeing him on screen again). Looks like Carrie has gone all grown up with her interiors judging by the stage sets. I hate her not only for the fact that her new closet is to die for, but she also gets to keep her old closet. A recent poll amongst friends ranked walk-in closet's as a must have, even higher than wanting an enormous kitchen. Carries apartment with Big is a mash up of traditional, contemporary with a a bit of added kookiness, classic carrie! The bright splashes of primary colour are fab.

I am looking forward to seeing the film tomorrow but until then

I got to thinking.... about closets. As I sit here I ask myself, even if all women had big closets would they ever be truly be big enough for us.....?!

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