Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A little Design..

After visiting two beautiful newborn twin girls on the weekend I've started to think about  design ideas for decorating a nursery. I haven't had the chance to do one as a designer yet. I have done my own kids. I decorated my sons room when he as was 3 (some while ago!) around a circus theme. There was yellow and white striped wallpaper and borders and curtains with circus animals. The fairly imaginative bit was I designed the front of his wardrobe to look like the entrance of a circus tent. With a triangular wood covered triangle pelmet and fabric doors. Anyway enough of the reminiscing.   I think if I did a nursery now I would go for something  a little simpler, something like like these below;

I would most probably keep the design scheme neutral and functional especially if the gender was kept a mystery until the big day.  I love the  scheme above and the very decadent Jacobson Egg Chair. Its a scheme that's not to babyish,very sophisticated, calm and relaxing. Just what you need when you are up at 3am with a screaming baby!

I would even think about incorporating  my love of all things vintage in there somewhere.
Thankfully my last little angel leaves for Uni in September so no worries about designing a nursery for me own use, but if any one else has one for me to do I'm there!

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