Saturday, 23 April 2011

flower power

I'm, feeling a bit under the weather, summer has made an early appearance in the UK and so has my  summer cold!  I'm feeling a bit pants but I think I am going to cheer myself up by  buying a load of spring flowers for the house (that and some vicks!). Hopefully the flowers  will last long enough that I will get to smell them, my nose can't stay bunged up for ever.

Flowers are the "bestest" home accessory ever. I have  used flowers and flower arrangements as as inspiration for colour schemes, mother nature is the best interior designer! Styling a room with flowers that colour tone with the room scheme can look awesome. The image above and to the right are fantastic examples.
I'm hopeless at flowering arranging unlike the florist who came up with this gem below.

 It doesn't have to be a fancy arrangement to make an impact, something simple and a bit quirky like this arrangement below can look just as stunning

Right off to get more tissues!

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